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Altrincham Duck

Taking Altrincham by storm since 2014

Altrincham features on the BBC News as the first snow falls.

The one and only Altrincham Duck features after watching the news #quack 


In time for Christmas and The New Year the Altrincham Duck now has a sticker for you to display at your business, office or other place.
The Duck is here to promote everyone in the local area (and further afield) You just need to give us a Like on Facebook, or a follow on Twitter, if you're not on Social media (Like most arn't) thats not a problem, just contact us HERE 


If you display a Altrincham Duck Sticker you will be addded to our local directory and we will Tweet you and RT and tweets you mention us in.

If you can make a donation to help with our running cost, that would make the Duck Happy #quack


The stickers are now ready to go...


And here is Angelo from Red Legends, who now has a Altrincham Duck sticker on his shop door, go support his local business




In the New year the Altrincham Duck has some exciting plans, and you will also have a chance to become a friend of the Altrinhcam Duck.

Please call back soon, and watch our Tweets... 

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