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Tiempe helps Clear Duck look good and feel even better
by Clear Duck, the Altrincham Duck Team

Sometimes even ducks need a bit of pampering and Clear Duck got just that on a recent visit to Tiempe, a new ‘east meets west’ beauty experience on Washway Road in Sale.

Located within the Acuhealth building (home of acupuncture and holistic medicine), Tiempe combines the best of traditional Chinese medicine with Western scientific techniques to bring a comprehensive range of natural rejuvenation treatments. 

Stepping through the door of the Acuhealth Centre, eastern-infused aromas and gentle oriental music immediately transport you to a place of calm and tranquillity - the perfect ambience before being greeted by Tracey, owner of Tiempe.  With degrees in Chemistry and acupuncture, and trained in western aesthetics and semi-permanent make-up, Tracey herself researched and developed the ‘east meets west’ concept of acuesthetics that she provides. 2017WR4
During the required in-depth consultation covering all aspects of health, diet, wellness and skin issues, it’s clear Tracey has extensive knowledge, and a passion for helping people (and ducks!) feel good about themselves.  It was agreed a gentle mandelic acid peel with its antibacterial properties would work well for Clear Duck whose sometimes oily skin can be prone to spots - it’s also a good choice for anyone new to having chemical peels.  The aim being to bring some healthy colour to Clear Duck’s face, which was looking a little pale and lacklustre.

Before all treatments at Tiempe, everyone receives a Zen Korean Hand balancing and toning therapy where small acupressure discs on plasters are applied to both hands, and a Su Jok ring is provided to self-massage fingers during treatment.  It certainly all helped Clear Duck get right into the zone. 2017WR5
Tracey uses state of the art equipment – after the mandelic peel is applied and left to rest, the Hydro Spa and Ultrasonic scrubber scrape the skin, cleansing pores and removing dead skin cells.  Then a serum is gently applied, Clear Duck breathed in the soft floral notes of the rose and glycerine serum before oxygen therapy was used to push it further into the pores.

You are made to feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience at Tiempe, Tracey takes the time to explain everything so you understand what is being used, why and the benefits to you – all in a way that you understand and are happy with.

Clear Duck was given the opportunity to sample the Illumination LED face mask, a form of light therapy that uses different wavelengths to repair the skin at a cellular level.  It helps do amazing things to the skin like reduce inflammation, even out skin tone, assist with anti-ageing, increase circulation and help reduce acne.  Yes, it looks a little unusual, but it’s very comfortable and easy to wear while you lie back and relax. 2017WR2

By the time the mask was taken off, Clear Duck could already feel the difference with her skin, it felt tighter and plumper.  Tracey explained it was because it was hydrated, but she was not done yet.  She finished the treatment with an express FaceFit™ workout and massage – working her fingers across the face, pinching the skin to bring the blood vessels to the top for a healthy, rosy redness.  It felt great!  

And right at the end, the icing on the cake or rather the ice on the face was an iced serum – yes freezing cold ice massaged to the skin to constrict the pores.  It was very cold and tingly but felt amazing.  Even before looking in the mirror, Clear Duck felt a million dollars, proving Tracey’s philosophy of feeling good on the inside to look fabulous on the outside. 2017WR6

The serums and creams used at Tiempe have all been developed by Tracey using natural ingredients.  She also gives you plenty of advice for looking after your skin once you go home, with practical tips for swapping chemical-based products for natural ones. 

There was just enough time to peek in the mirror before leaving - Clear Duck’s skin had a noticeable glow and healthy sheen; she felt completely revitalised, rejuvenated and as elegant as a swan. 


52-54 Washway Rad
M33 7QZ

Tel: 07463 587 107
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Twitter: @TiempeAcu
Facebook: TiempeAcu


We see you are an Altrincham based business, when were you established and what changes have you seen over the years?

  • 3DW have were established in 1997 so it is our 20th anniversary this year! We moved to Altrincham in 2004 from Carrington, we are based in Grosvenor House right next to Goose Green. Sadly, we did notice a bit of a decline in Altrincham following 2008 with properties in the town centre becoming vacant. But now we are seeing real improvements in the town and lots of businesses booming. It’s becoming more and more of a flourishing and positive environment with everyone supporting each other.  

Why the Altrincham location?

  • We chose Altrincham as a location as it’s super easy for the whole team to get to, we are quite spread out around Manchester. It’s really close to the airport, which is useful for long distance client visits. All in all, it’s just a really nice area to work in and is continuing to develop to be so. 

Any future plans for 2017?

  • In 2017 we are aiming to develop and create more links and develop activities in schools and the education sector. We have been doing a lot of work in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related applications, to get more young people especially girls interested and included in the subjects. We will continue to support and promote local businesses and charities and hope to do more work for charity as a team!  

Tea or coffee drinker?

I surprisingly drink more coffee these days, but I think I will always love tea more at heart as originally, I’m a Yorkshire Lass ;)


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The Altrincham Duck catches up with Jenny from Honeyblossom Bridal a new (ish) local business start up.

Thanks for chatting to the Altrincham Duck Team, can you let us know a bit more about who you are and what your background is?

I'm Jenny, Manchester born and bred and Sale resident, owner of Honeyblossom Bridal in Sale. I've taken a slightly odd route into the world of bridal! At University I studied Economics, and went onto to become a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Chartered Accountant. After being chief bridesmaid three (yes three times!) my interest in all things wedding became more and I took on a part time role in a Greater Manchester boutique alongside my other career working in a tax team for a Big 4 accountancy firm. The boutique opened my eyes to the bridal world in a way that I wasn’t expecting and I soon set my sights on setting up my own boutique. After lots of planning, saving, support and encouragement from my family, friends and colleagues, Honeyblossom Bridal was born. Oh and yes, I still work as a tax adviser! I'm extremely lucky to have an employer who is so supportive of flexible working and entrepreneurship.

What services are you offering?

Honeyblossom Bridal focusses on wedding gowns. We work with three British designers - MiaMia, Catherine Parry and So Sassi. I'm passionate about offering choice and a variety of styles, which I think comes across in our collection - from your princess gown through to boho chic! In addition, we have those essential wedding accessories - veils, hoops and belts to really finish the look on a brides big day. Further, we're moving into the world of personalised items, and are already selling some beautiful hand embroidered vintage hankies - the perfect keepsake.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea everytime - I am picky on the brand though!

We know it is early days for you, but how has it been so far?

I am enjoying it so much. The brides I've met so far have been so lovely - I'm always super interested to hear about people's big days. As an appointment only boutique, I can focus solely on the bride I'm with, without distraction. Being part of 'that moment' when brides walk out of the changing room in a gown they love to their waiting family and friends really is incredible. I've definitely learnt a lot - being customer facing is only the start of it, but I've had a lot of support from other local businesses, suppliers, friends and family.

Plans for the future?

Good question! We are thinking about adding another designer to our collection, and will be checking out the options at the London Bridal Show in March. We are also currently in talks with some local suppliers about additional personalised accessories.

We see that you are getting married in 2017, and the Altrincham Duck Team would like to send you best wishes.... Are you getting excited yet?

Thank you and yes we are both very excited about the wedding! Planning has taken a bit of a back seat whilst we set up the boutique, but now everything is up and running with the exception of a few bits, we can get back into it. Lots to do but I have the most important thing - the dress!

Anything else that you would like to share with our audience?

Over the time I've worked in bridal, two of the most important things I've learned are, as a bride, to be open minded about styles and to be honest. It's great when brides come into the boutique with an idea of what they like (I'm a big fan of having a look at Pinterest boards!) but sometimes the reality doesn't live up to the expectation. The key is not to get disheartened, there will be another style that will make you feel amazing, its just a case of finding it. Which brings in the honesty point - its ok if you don't like one of the dresses in the boutique - I will not be offended, its important to find your individual style. The brides that tell me what they like and what they don't about styles helps me identify what might work for a bride, its not always easy to tell from a dress on a hanger!

Discover more:
Honeyblossom Bridal, 48 Washway Road, Sale, M33 7QZ
0161 637 6830

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